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Pediatric patient safety in the prehospital/emergency department setting.
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Teamwork errors in trauma resuscitation.
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Time motion study in a pediatric emergency department before and after computer physician order entry.
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Emergency department visits for medical device–associated adverse events among children.
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Comparison of Broselow tape measurements versus physician estimations of pediatric weights.
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Cough and cold medication adverse events after market withdrawal and labeling revision.
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Electronic prescription writing errors in the pediatric emergency department.
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Adverse events from cough and cold medications after a market withdrawal of products labeled for infants.
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A multidisciplinary approach to adverse drug events in pediatric trauma patients in an adult trauma center.
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Medication errors among acutely ill and injured children treated in rural emergency departments.
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Pediatric adverse drug events in the outpatient setting: an 11-year national analysis.
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Creating an infrastructure for safety event reporting and analysis in a multicenter pediatric emergency department network.
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An implementation strategy for a multicenter pediatric rapid response system in Ontario.
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Root causes of errors in a simulated prehospital pediatric emergency.
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A pediatric medical emergency team manages a complex child with hypoxia and a worried parent.
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