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Accuracy of radiographic readings in the emergency department.
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X-ray Flip.
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The Dropped Lung.
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Profiles in patient safety: misplaced femoral line guidewire and multiple failures to detect the foreign body on chest radiography.
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Operational rounds: a practical administrative process to improve safety and clinical services in radiology.
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Quality initiatives: developing a radiology quality and safety program: a primer.
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Image Gently, Step Lightly: promoting radiation safety in pediatric interventional radiology.
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Improving patient safety in radiology: concepts for a comprehensive patient safety program.
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Radiation risks of diagnostic imaging.
Sentinel Event Alert #47. August 24, 2011.
A 60-year-old man with delayed care for a renal mass.
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The technologist's role in patient safety and quality in medical imaging.
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Increasing rate of detection of wrong-patient radiographs: use of photographs obtained at time of radiography.
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Management-changing errors in the recall of radiologic results—a pilot study.
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Improving team performance during the preprocedure time-out in pediatric interventional radiology.
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Autopsy as a quality control measure for radiology, and vice versa.
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Inappropriate use of pharmacy bulk packages of IV contrast media increases risk of infections.
ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Acute Care Edition. September 20, 2012;17:1,3-4.
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