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Preventing wrong site, procedure, and patient events using a common cause analysis.
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Incorrect surgical procedures within and outside of the operating room: a follow-up report.
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Incorrect surgical procedures within and outside of the operating room.
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Wrong-site sinus surgery in otolaryngology.
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Adverse Health Events in Minnesota: Eleventh Annual Public Report.
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Incidence and root cause analysis of wrong-site pain management procedures: a multicenter study.
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Outcome of 6 years of protocol use for preventing wrong site office surgery.
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Medical errors in orthopaedics. Results of an AAOS member survey.
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Process changes to increase compliance with the Universal Protocol for bedside procedures.
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Inadvertent Castration.
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Prevention of 3 "never events" in the operating room: fires, gossypiboma, and wrong-site surgery.
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Avoiding wrong site surgery: a systematic review.
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Wrong-site craniotomy: analysis of 35 cases and systems for prevention.
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Surgical mistakes persist in Bay State: still a tiny fraction of total procedures.
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Wrong-patient, wrong-site procedures persist despite safety protocol.
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Wrong site surgery near misses and actual occurrences.
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Patient safety in Taiwan: a survey on orthopedic surgeons.
Yang CT, Chen HH, Hou SM. J Formos Med Assoc. 2007;106:212-216.
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