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Approach to Improving Safety
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Description and evaluation of adaptations to the Global Trigger Tool to enhance value to adverse event reduction efforts.
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The Safe Tables Collaborative: a statewide experience.
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Patient Safety as an Exercise in Behavioral Change.
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Could it happen here? Learning from other organizations' safety errors.
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The competitive imperative of learning.
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Improving situation awareness to reduce unrecognized clinical deterioration and serious safety events.
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The power of collaboration with patient safety programs: building safe passage for patients, nurses, and clinical staff.
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Active learning: when is more better? The case of resident physicians' medical errors.
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The relationship between organizational leadership for safety and learning from patient safety events.
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Safety and risk management interventions in hospitals: a systematic review of the literature.
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Hospital takes a page from Toyota.
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What’s past is prologue: organizational learning from a serious patient injury.
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Seven Leadership Leverage Points for Organization-Level Improvement in Health Care.
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Fostering Organizational Learning: The Impact of Work Design on Workarounds, Errors, and Speaking Up About Internal Supply Chain Problems.
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Arresting death: saving 100,000 lives.
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Improving Papanicolaou test quality and reducing medical errors by using Toyota production system methods.
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