Award Recipient
Special or Theme Issue

2011 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards.

Thomas EL; Loeb J; Berman S; Maynard GA; Budnitz TL; Nickel WK; Greenwald JL; Kerr KM; Miller JA; Resnic JN; Rogers KM; Schnipper JL; Stein JM; Whitcomb WF; Williams MV; Fleischut PM; Faggiani SL; Evans AS; Brenner S; Liebowitz RS; Forese L; Kerr GE; Lazar EJ; Conway WA; Hawkins S; Jordan J; Voutt-Goos MJ

Highlighting the accomplishments of the 2011 recipients of the John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards, this issue includes interviews with Kenneth Shine and Jerod Loeb, as well as articles on The Society of Hospital Medicine (Philadelphia, PA); New York-Presbyterian Hospital (New York, NY); and Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, MI).