Special or Theme Issue


Valchanov K; Sturgess J; Maronge L; Bogod D; Hewson DW; Bedforth NM; Hardman JG; Merry AF; Mitchell SJ; Hood R; Budd A; Sorond FA; Hogue CW; Jones CPL; Fawker-Corbett J; Groom P; Morton B; Lister C; Mercer SJ; Patton K; Borshoff DC; Mills GH; McKinlay J; Tyson E; Forni LG; Sellers D; Srinivas C; Djaiani G; Cruikshanks A; Bryden DC.

Study of complications can provide insights into presurgical patient counseling, risk assessment, and medical harm prevention. Articles in this special issue explore complications in anesthesia, including how providers can respond when a complication occurs and human factors approaches to reduce risks. Specific areas of concern such as obstetrics and spinal surgery are also discussed.