Special or Theme Issue

Health Information Technology.

Vollmer WM; Owen-Smith AA; Tom JO; Laws R; Ditmer DG; Smith DH; Waterbury AC; Schneider JL; Yonehara CH; Williams A; Vupputuri S; Rand CS; Kierkegaard P; Kaushal R; Vest JR; Adler-Milstein J; Scott KW; Jha AK; Hysong SJ; Spitzmuller C; Espadas D; Sittig DF; Singh H; Berner ES; Burkhardt JH; Panjamapirom A; Ray MN; Gabriel MH; Yang Y; Vaidya V; Wilkins TL; Tipirneni R; Ndukwe EG; Riba M; Choi H; Royan R; Young D; Udow-Phillips M; Davis MM; Vest JR; Kaushal R; Silver MD; Hentel K; Kern LM; Appari A; Johnson ME; Anthony DL; Helmchen LA; Lehmann HP; Abràmoff MD; Abramson EL; Edwards A; Silver M; Kaushal R; HITEC investigators; Coffman JM; Spetz J; Grumbach K; Fix M; Bindman AB; Rudin RS; Jones SS; Shekelle P; Hillestad RJ; Keeler EB; Newman D; Herrera C-N; Parente ST.

Efforts to implement health information technology, particularly electronic health records and computerized provider order entry systems, continue at a rapid pace. Articles in this special issue explore health information technology, including its adoption levels in different settings, its impact on patient safety, and how program context affects whether implementation is successful or results in unintended consequences.