Special or Theme Issue

Human Factors in Anaesthesia and Critical Care.

Fioratou E; Flin R; Patey R; Mahajan RP; Smith AF; Mishra K; van Beuzekom M; Boer F; Akerboom S; Hudson P; Mercer SJ; Whittle CL; Mahoney PF; Fong KJ; Gaba DM; Hardman JG; Moppett IK; Patey R; Maran N; Larsson J; Sanner M; Bion JF; Abrusci T; Hibbert P; Glavin RJ; Cumin D; Weller JM; Henderson K; Merry AF; Toff NJ.

This special issue includes numerous articles discussing how human factors, communication, and latent system factors affect safety.