Journal Article

Implementation of the World Health Organization Trauma Care Checklist Program in 11 centers across multiple economic strata: effect on care process measures.

Lashoher A; Schneider EB; Juillard C; Stevens K; Colantuoni E; Berry WR; Bloem C; Chadbunchachai W; Dharap S; Dy SM; Dziekan G; Gruen RL; Henry JA; Huwer C; Joshipura M; Kelley E; Krug E; Kumar V; Kyamanywa P; Mefire AC; Musafir M; Nathens AB; Ngendahayo E; Nguyen TS; Roy N; Pronovost PJ; Khan IQ; Razzak JA; Rubiano AM; Turner JA; Varghese M; Zakirova R; Mock C.

Checklists are widely utilized in health care to promote patient safety. Management of trauma patients is complex, and checklists may facilitate adherence to known standards of care. This pre–post study looked at the impact of the World Health Organization Trauma Care Checklist program across 11 hospitals in 9 countries. Researchers found that adherence to 18 out of 19 care process measures improved after the checklist program was implemented. Although investigators discerned no difference in mortality for the overall study population, they found a 50% reduction in mortality for patients with more severe trauma injuries after implementation of the program. A prior PSNet perspective discussed components of an effective checklist.