Journal Article

A multistep approach to improving biopsy site identification in dermatology: physician, staff, and patient roles based on a Delphi consensus.

Alam M; Lee A; Ibrahimi OA; Kim N; Bordeaux J; Chen K; Dinehart S; Goldberg DJ; Hanke CW; Hruza GJ; Nehal KS; Olbricht SM; Orringer J; Rohrer TE; Scheinfeld NS; Schmults CD; Strasswimmer JM; Taylor JS; Yoo S; Nodzenski M; Poon E; Cartee T; Cutaneous Surgery Consensus Group.

Excisional skin cancer surgery is a common procedure often performed many days after an initial biopsy by a different physician, making it particularly vulnerable to wrong-site surgery. This study provides a range of consensus recommendations for medical professionals and patients to reduce such risks.