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NHTSA Fatigue in EMS Project.

Barger LK; Runyon MS; Renn ML; Moore CG; Weiss PM; Condle JP; Flickinger KL; Divecha AA; Coppler PJ; Sequeira DJ; Lang ES; Higgins JS; Patterson PD; Buysse DJ; Hersman DAP; Whitcomb EA; James FO; Waggoner LB; Van Dongen HPA; Martin-Gill C; Teasley EM; Matthews ME; Thackery RW; Kupas DF; Becker DS; Dean BE; Lindbeck GH; Guyette FX; Penner JH; Violanti JM; Myers JB; Wages RK; Rowe D; Nollette C; Touchstone M; Sinclair J; Mund EL; Eberly JM; Montes JD; Sherlock RJ; Drummond SPA; Gurubhagavatula I; Weaver MD; Kroemer AJ; Curtis BR; Xun X; Bizhanova Z; Fabio A; Studnek JR; Infinger AE; Temple JL; Hostler D; Dongen V; Drummond SPA.
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Health care worker fatigue is a persistent threat to patient safety. Articles in this special issue cover the results of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration program to explore fatigue among emergency medical service (EMS) providers. The research and guidelines inform efforts to mitigate fatigue in shift workers, with a focus on EMS providers.