Journal Article

Parent–provider miscommunications in hospitalized children.

Khan A; Furtak SL; Melvin P; Rogers JE; Schuster MA; Landrigan CP.

Breakdowns in communication between clinicians and patients are common and are associated with adverse events. This prospective cohort survey, conducted at a pediatric hospital, surveyed both parents and physicians at the time of hospital discharge to identify caregiver and clinician perspectives on communication during hospitalization. Nearly 1 in 6 parents reported miscommunications, and those parents were more likely to also perceive that an adverse event occurred during the hospitalization and to be less satisfied with their overall care. Physicians were much less likely to report miscommunications than parents. Along with another recent study, this study confirms the need to actively survey patients and caregivers to identify potential safety concerns, as these issues may not be picked up by other safety detection methods.