Special or Theme Issue

Patient Safety.

Braun B; Grünewald M; Adam-Paffrath R; Wesselborg B; Wilm S; Schendel L; Hoenen M; Müssig K; Rotthoff T; Bäwert A; Holzinger A; Czeskleba A; Holzhausen Y; Peters H; Hinding B; Deis N; Gornostayeva M; Götz C; Jünger J; Hoffmann N; Kubitz JC; Goetz AE; Beckers SK; Kiesewetter J; Drossard S; Manser T; Kirsch V; Johannsen W; Thrien C; Herzig S; Matthes J; Opitz E; Heinis S; Jerrentrup A; Richter A; Chaberny IF; Surikow A; Schock B; Ricklin ME; Hess F; Hautz WE; Wipfler K; Hoffmann JE; Mitzkat A; Mahler C; Frankenhauser S; Wu AW; Busch IM.

Patient safety has been described as an unmet need in physician training. This special issue covers areas of focus for a patient safety curriculum drawn from experience in the German medical education system. Topics covered include human error, blame, and responsibility. Articles also review the epidemiology of common problems such as medication safety, organizational contributors to failure, and diagnostic error.