Special or Theme Issue

Patient Safety in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Abinader R; Warsof SL; Baptiste C; D'Alton ME; Bingham D; Jones DK; Howell EA; Birnbach DJ; Bateman BT; Boulanger J; Keohane C; Yeats A; Corina I; Abram M; Halperin D; DeFrancesco MS; Gardner R; Gleason JL; Swisher E; Weiss PM; Gluck PA; Han ES; Advincula AP; Keats JP; Markow C; Main EK; Marx D; Rayburn WF; Ruiter PJA; Sargent SK; Waldman R; Sheen JJ; Goffman D; Shivraj P; Novak A; Aziz S; Larsen W; Ramin S.

Obstetrics is a high-risk practice that concurrently manages the safety of mothers and newborns. Articles in this special issue explore various facets of health care quality and safety improvement in the care of women and expectant mothers. Topics covered include the patient experience, safety culture, disparities, program implementation, and clinical trends.