Special or Theme Issue

Simulation in Anaesthesia and Surgery.

Eisold C; Poenicke C; Pfältzer A; Müller MP; Flin R; Maran N; Hahnenkamp K; Breuer G; Kolbe M; Grande B; Spahn DR; Murray AW; Beaman ST; Kampik CW; Quinlan JJ; Nordquist J; Sundberg K; Pasquale SJ; Schaumberg A; Sujatta S; von der Heyden M; Meissner K; Wenk M; Pöpping DM.

In the last decade, simulation has emerged as an educational strategy for teaching clinical skills. Articles in this special issue explore research around simulation training, including faculty development to support this improvement tactic, nontechnical skill assessment, and debriefing to enhance team learning.