Special or Theme Issue

Simulation in Surgical Training and Practice.

Acton RD; Brown KM; Paige JT; Chauvin SW; Cox T; Seymour N; Stefanidis D; Dunkin BJ; Gardner AK; Scott DJ; Hull L; Sevdalis N; Lundberg PW; Korndorffer JR Jr; Martin RF; McKinley SK; Phitayakorn R; Garbee DD; Brown KM; Rojas JD; Rogers DA; Peterson DT; Ponce BA; White ML; Porterfield JR Jr; Ross BK; Metzner J; Rutherford DN; D'Angelo ALD; Law KE; Pugh CM; Sheahan MG; Duran C; Bismuth J; Silverman E; Tucker SA; Imsdahl S; Charles JA; Stellato MA; Wagner MD; Brown KM; Tsuda S; Mohsin A; Jones D; Willis RE; Van Sickle KR.

Simulation training is being used more broadly as an educational approach in health care. Articles in this special issue discuss its evolution within surgical practice, impact on patient outcomes, use to improve competency, and financial strategies to establish and maintain a simulation center.