Special or Theme Issue

Special Focus Issue: Patient Safety.

Denholm B; Mayfield JL; Plonien C; Baldwin KM; Guglielmi CL; Flowers J; Dagi TF; Constantine RH; McKibban T; Greenier E; MacPherson J; Shostek K; Parker DR; Groah LK; Karasin M; Morath J; Filipp R; Cull M; Olmstead J; Falcone D; Lopez J; Mislan L; Murphy M; Acello T; Kleiner C; Link T; Maynard MT; Halverson Carpenter K; Wagner VD; Steelman VM.

Articles in this special issue explore strategies to establish a culture of safety in health care settings, including coaching to improve team briefing and debriefing discussions, a guideline to confirm safe perioperative on-call staffing, and the value of workforce safety to promote high reliability.