Special or Theme Issue

Special issue on health literacy.

Wolf MS; Davis TC; Parker RM; Lurie N; Rudd RE; Paasche-Orlow MK; DeWalt DA; Boone RS; Pignone MP; Osborn CY; Weiss BD; Skripkauskas S; Rodrigue C; Bass PF III; Fagerlin A; Ubel PA; Smith DM; Zikmund-Fisher BJ; Aggarwal A; Speckman JL; Roloff KS; Battaglia TA, Seligman HK; Wallace AS; Schillinger D; Arnold CL; Shilliday BB; Delgadillo A; Bengal N; Stevens AB; McDaniel KS; Glover ED; Wallace LS, Castro CM; Wilson C; Wang F; Schwartzberg JG; Cowett A; VanGeest J; Manning KD; Kripalani S; Harper W; Cook S, Makoul G; Seguin Mika V; Wood PR; Treviño L; Andrulis DP; Brach C.

This issue supplement includes articles and commentaries that explore avenues for improvement in health literacy research.