Special or Theme Issue

Special Section on Human Factors and Ergonomics in the Operating Room: Contributions That Advance Surgical Practice.

Catchpole K; Bisantz A; Hallbeck MS; Weigl M; Randell R; Kossack M; Anger JT; Dalager T; Jensen PT; Winther TS; Savarimuthu TR; Markauskas A; Mogensen O; Søgaard K; Forsyth KL; Hildebrand EA; Branaghan RJ; Blocker RC; Paquet V; Lowndes BR; Abdelrahman AM; Thiels CA; Mohamed AO; McConico AL; Bingener J; Neyens DM; Bayramzadeh S; Joseph A; Taaffe K; Jurewicz K; Khoshkenar A; San D; RIPCHD.OR Study Group; Tiferes J; Hussein AA; Higginbotham DJ; Sharif M; Kozlowski J; Ahmad B; O'Hara R; Wawrzyniak N; Guru K; White EJ; McMahon M; Walsh MT; Coffey JC; O'Sullivan LW.

Surgery requires specialized approaches to understand and prevent failure. This special issue features the work of multidisciplinary research teams that explored human factors and ergonomic concerns in the operating room that affect communication between robotic-assisted surgery teams, physical resilience of teams, instrument design and use, and poor implementation of briefings as improvement opportunities.