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Promoting Patient Safety.

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AHRQ’s Patient Safety Network (PSNet) features a collection of the latest news and resources on patient safety, innovations and toolkits, opportunities for free CME and trainings. The platform provides powerful searching and browsing capability, as well as the ability for users to customize the site around their interests (My Profile).

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June 12, 2024 Weekly Issue

PSNet highlights the latest patient safety literature, news, and expert commentary, including Weekly Updates, WebM&M, and Perspectives on Safety.

Beauvais B, Pradhan R, Ramamonjiarivelo Z, et al. Risk Manag Healthc Policy. 2024;17:1361-1372.
While staffing shortages in hospitals have existed for years, they were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hospitals use agency, or temporary, staff to fill these gaps. This study used national data to explore the association of use of agency staff and hospital quality measures. The results demonstrate that increased use of agency staff is associated with decreased performance in most quality...
Blanchard MD, Herzog SM, Kämmer JE, et al. Med Decis Making. 2024;44:451-462.
Collective intelligence in diagnosis refers to the collaboration of multiple individuals to generate a more accurate diagnosis than could be made by a single clinician. This study examined the collective intelligence of diagnostic decision making in general practice and identified the conditions associated with the greatest increase in accuracy, as well as the benefit of a computerized decision support...
Hirani R, Noruzi K, Khuram H, et al. Life (Basel). 2024;14:557.
Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare continue to grow. This article summarizes the history and evolution of AI in healthcare and describes current applications in healthcare, such as integration with telemedicine, and advancing personalized medicine. The authors also discuss how AI being used to advance patient engagement and communication (e.g., the use of chatbots for patient...
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Update Date: May 29, 2024

WebM&M Case Studies & Spotlight Cases

WebM&M (Morbidity & Mortality Rounds on the Web) features expert analysis of medical errors reported anonymously by our readers. Spotlight Cases include interactive learning modules available for CME. Commentaries are written by patient safety experts and published monthly. Contribute by Submitting a Case anonymously.

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The Patient Safety Innovations Exchange highlights important innovations that can lead to improvements in patient safety.


Toolkits provide practical applications of PSNet research and concepts for front line providers to use in their day to day work.

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