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Special or Theme Issue

Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare Delivery: A Special Issue on Health Information Technology and Medication Administration Safety.

Garrett SK; Khasawneh MT; Lawler EK; Hedge A; Pavlovic-Veselinovic S; James T; Douglas SE; Caldwell BS; Pennathur PR; Cao D; Bisantz AM; Lin L; Fairbanks RJ; Wears RL; Perry SJ; Guarrera TK; Brown JL; Sui Z; Holden RJ; Brown RL; Alper SJ; Scanlon MC; Patel NR; Karsh BT; Grigg SJ; Craig JB; Patterson ES; Ebright PR; Saleem JJ; Bauer DT; Guerlain S.

Articles in this special issue explore the impact of human factors on information technology and the safety of medication delivery.