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Journal Article

Preparedness for COVID-19: in situ simulation to enhance infection control systems in the intensive care unit.

Choi GYS, Wan WTP, Chan AKM, et al. Br J Anaesth. 2020;125(2):e236-e239.

This study used high-fidelity clinical simulation to replicate admission, including tracheal intubation, of a patient with suspected or known COVID-19 infection to assess the ability of healthcare teams to effectively use personal protective equipment (PPE), the use of intubation protocols and infection control guidelines. Based on observations of 11 simulations involving 44 participants, several infection control-related workflow problems and safety threats were identified, including issues with PPE donning and doffing, advance preparation of intubation and ventilation strategies, environmental protection measures, communication difficulties, and accessibility of key drugs and equipment. These findings resulted in guideline changes, modifications to the environment and implementation of workflow modifications to improve ability of staff to adhere to infection control guidelines.