Special or Theme Issue

Special Issue on Medication Safety.

Abraham O; Thakur T; Brown R; Bader L; Kusynová Z; Duggan C; Barker JR; Boyle TC; Tay L; Bishop A; Morrison B; Murphy A; MacKinnon NJ; Murray E; Ho C; Chen Y; Wu X; Huang Z; Lin W; Li Y; Yang J; Li J; Chui MA; Pohjanoksa-Mäntylä M; Snyder ME; Cordina M; Darbishire PL; Zhao JC; Sodhi A; Anderson CM; Holmström AR; Järvinen R; Keistinen T; Doupi P; Airaksinen M; Hong K; Hong YD; Cooke CE; Härkänen M; Vehviläinen-Julkunen K; Murrells T; Rafferty AM; Franklin BD; Lester CA; Kessler JM; Modisett T; Chui MA; Lotta S; Kirsi A; Kirsi K; Anna-Riia H; Lasse L; Outi LR; Raisa L; Kerstin C; Marja A; Marwitz KK; Giuliano KK; Su WT; Degnan D; Zink RJ; DeLaurentis P; Smith M; Tetteh EK; Wood P; Tucci J; Anderson K; Mnatzaganian G.

Medication safety is a worldwide challenge. This special issue discusses factors affecting the reliability of the ordering, dispensing, and administration of medications across a range of environments. Articles cover topics such as the need to deepen understanding of safety in community pharmacies, the use of smart pumps for high-alert medications, and the international effort to reduce medication-related harm.