Journal Article

Accuracy of pediatric trauma field triage: a systematic review.

van der Sluijs R, van Rein EAJ, Wijnand JGJ, et al. JAMA surgery. 2018;153:671-676.

Triaging trauma patients to the appropriate site of care can be challenging and carries important implications for outcomes in this population. This may be especially true with regard to the accurate triage of children in need of trauma care. In this systematic review, researchers examined the existing literature regarding the use of protocols to appropriately triage pediatric trauma patients in the field. The proportion of children requiring specialty trauma care varied significantly across the studies, as did the sensitivity and specificity of field triage protocols used. The authors suggest that further research is needed to develop effective tools for appropriately triaging pediatric trauma patients in the prehospital setting. A previous WebM&M commentary highlighted a case in which trauma was initially missed as the diagnosis.