Special or Theme Issue

Assessing the effectiveness of quality improvement strategies in Europe: the MARQuIS project.

Suñol R; Garel P; Jacquerye A; Vallejo P; Van Beek B; Lombarts MJMH; Bruneau C; Vlcek F; O Groene O; Poletti P; Cucic C; Klazinga N; Spencer E; Rupp I; Klazinga NS; Alonso J; Thompson A; Shaw C; Kutryba B; Crisp H; Escaramis G; Kutryba B; Shaw CD; Walshe K.

Articles in this supplement highlight findings from the "Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies" (MARQuIS) research project, an eight-organization collective to assess quality and safety initiatives in the European Union.