Journal Article

Clinician perspectives on electronic health records, communication, and patient safety across diverse medical oncology practices.

Patel MR, Friese CR, Mendelsohn-Victor K, et al. Journal of oncology practice. 2019;15:e529-e536.

Although electronic health records have addressed some patient safety concerns, they have also introduced new risks. In this survey study in oncology, nearly 300 individuals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses, completed a survey ranking their practice's reliance on the electronic health record (from 1= "all paper" to 5= "all electronic") and measuring safety culture and quality of clinician–clinician communication. Investigators found that individuals describing a greater degree of electronic health record use reported lower safety culture scores, and individuals who rated communication higher also perceived safety culture as more optimal. The authors suggest that challenges to electronic health record use may affect oncology practitioners' perceptions of safety. A previous PSNet interview discussed the role of health information technology in patient safety.