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Journal Article

Cluster randomized trial to evaluate the impact of team training on surgical outcomes.

Duclos A, Peix JL, Piriou V, et al. The British journal of surgery. 2016;103:1804-1814.

Teamwork training programs have been implemented in a large variety of health care settings, and growing evidence suggests a positive impact. However, the effect of teamwork training programs in the context of surgical safety checklists is less clear. In this randomized study, researchers examined whether adding a team training program to surgical safety checklist utilization affected major surgical complications. All 31 hospitals in the study had implemented a surgical safety checklist a median of 19 months prior to the study. Team training was introduced across operating room teams in 16 hospitals randomized to the intervention arm. Investigators found a significant reduction in major adverse events in both the intervention and control arms. These results suggest that team training may not provide additional benefit when combined with a checklist. A past PSNet interview discussed challenges associated with implementing surgical safety checklists.