Journal Article

A comparative review of patient safety initiatives for national health information technology.

Magrabi F, Aarts J, Nohr C, et al. International journal of medical informatics. 2013;82:e139-48.

Implementation of health information technology (IT) has presented several unanticipated patient safety issues, particularly related to computerized provider order entry. Health IT vendors generally have a "hold harmless" clause that removes their liability for patient harm due to health IT failures. This review explores patient safety initiatives for health IT systems across six countries, including the United States. Significant gaps in health IT safety initiatives were identified, including inadequate regulatory oversight in the US for these medical devices. The authors conclude that greater standardization and oversight is required to ensure safety for all types of health IT systems. An AHRQ WebM&M interview with Dr. David Bates discusses the benefits and potential risks of health IT.