Journal Article

A comparison of medication administration errors from original medication packaging and multi-compartment compliance aids in care homes: a prospective observational study.

Gilmartin-Thomas JF-M, Smith F, Wolfe R, et al. International journal of nursing studies. 2017;72:15-23.

This prospective, direct-observation study examined medication administration accuracy of medications dispensed by nurses and caregivers in long-term care facilities. Investigators compared medication administration from original medication packaging to administration from multicompartment medication devices. The team observed nearly 2500 doses. When medications were dispensed from original packaging, the medication administration error rate was 9%. When multicompartment devices were used, the medication administration error rate was 3%. This difference persisted in settings where both original packaging and multicompartment medication devices were used. This study adds to the evidence about how literacy-friendly health systems can enhance medication safety.