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Journal Article

The effects of crew resource management on teamwork and safety climate at Veterans Health Administration facilities.

Schwartz ME, Welsh DE, Paull DE, et al. Journal of healthcare risk management : the journal of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management. 2018;38:17-37.

Communication failures are known to contribute to medical errors. In the field of aviation, crew resource management is used to teach teamwork and effective communication. In this study, researchers evaluated the impact of a team training program developed by the Veterans Health Administration National Center for Patient Safety and modeled after crew resource management training. The Teamwork and Safety Climate Questionnaire was used to evaluate safety climate prior to and after the training. They found that scores on the 27-item survey increased on all questions from baseline to 1 year and conclude that this type of team training improves patient safety by enhancing teamwork and ensuring effective communication among clinicians. A PSNet perspective provides insights on team training.