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Journal Article

Full implementation of computerized physician order entry and medication-related quality outcomes: a study of 3364 hospitals.

Yu FB, Menachemi N, Berner ES, et al. American journal of medical quality : the official journal of the American College of Medical Quality. 2009;24:278-86.

Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) continues to be hailed as a solution for medication-related errors and quality measures. However, concerns remain about the barriers to adoption and the unintended consequences that result after implementation. This study compared quality of care measures for hospitals with and without CPOE systems. The 264 hospitals with CPOE systems tended to be larger, not-for-profit, and teaching oriented. Investigators found that CPOE-driven hospitals performed better on 5 of 11 measures related to medication ordering and on 1 of 9 non–medication-related quality measures. The authors conclude that their findings build on past single-center CPOE implementation success stories and provide a more generalized link between CPOE and improved outcomes.