Special or Theme Issue

Human Factors and Technology in the ICU.

Binder WJ; Cook JL; Gramze N; Airhart S; Branaghan RJ; Giuliano KK; Hoonakker PLT; Carayon P; Keim-Malpass J; Kitzmiller RR; Skeeles-Worley A; Lindberg C; Clark MT; Tai R; Calland JF; Sullivan K; Randall Moorman J; Anderson RA; Lopez KD; Fahey L; Nibbelink CW; Young JR; Carrington JM; Brewer BB; Pertiwi AAP; Fraczkowski D; Stogis SL; Lopez KD; Ruppel H; Funk M; Wung SF; Schatz MR; Malone DC; Szalacha L.

Care teams rely on a variety of technologies to support safe practice. This special issue focuses on critical care nursing practice and how human factors affect technology use. Articles cover clinical applications of technology and review the role of technologies in critical thinking, medication delivery, and alarm fatigue.