Special or Theme Issue

Iatrogenesis in Pediatrics.

Allen G; Laventhal N; Barone S; Unguru Y; Dionigi A; Dokumaci A; Hock LE; Karnik NS; SKassam-Adams N; Butler L; Reis-Dennis S; Reis E; Steensma TD; Wensing-Kruger SA; Klink DT; Svoboda JS; Teti SL; Ennis-Durstine K; Silber TJ; Iqbal F; Kassam-Adams N; McMillan G; Michalska-Smith M; Nelson R.

Iatrogenesis—an adverse effect of medical care—is an area of focus in patient safety. Articles in this special issue explore cases involving iatrogenic harm in pediatric care as learning opportunities for pediatricians. Topics covered include psychological harm following a neonatal intensive care unit stay and the etiology of iatrogenesis in pediatrics.