Journal Article

Impact of computerized prescriber order entry on the incidence of adverse drug events in pediatric inpatients.

Holdsworth MT; Fichtl RE; Raisch DW; Hewryk A; Behta M; Mendez-Rico E; Wong CL; Cohen J; Bostwick S; Greenwald BM.

Unintended consequences of adopting computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems, including increased mortality, have been reported. This study examined the number of preventable adverse events before and after implementation of a CPOE system with clinical decision support (CDSS). Investigators discovered significant reductions in overall errors, dispensing errors, and drug-choice errors. While past commentaries have recommended caution in overstating the benefits of CPOE and CDSS, they do reinforce the need to adequately evaluate new information systems when incorporated. This study represents a good example of such evaluation, as the authors point out necessary system modifications that will help prevent additional adverse events in their hospital setting.