Journal Article

Improving team information sharing with a structured call-out in anaesthetic emergencies: a randomized controlled trial.

Weller JM, Torrie J, Boyd M, et al. British journal of anaesthesia. 2014;112:1042-9.

Structured communication tools are being implemented to improve situational awareness, but evidence for their efficacy is mixed. In this study, researchers developed a structured information-sharing tool, "SNAPPI: Stop; Notify; Assessment; Plan; Priorities; Invite Ideas," and created a video intervention to train anesthesiologists in its use. They randomized anesthesiologists to training or control groups and measured their communication during a simulated post-anesthesia care unit emergency. Only a small proportion of unique information shared with nurses and technicians was learned by the anesthesiologists in either group, suggesting that interventions directed solely at anesthesiologists or other team leaders may not be sufficient to promote optimal information sharing.