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Innovation in Perioperative Patient Safety.

Amundson AW; Weingarten TN; Bijker JB; Gelb AW; Botha D; Crosby E; Eichhorn JH; Enright A; Forbes SS; McLean RF; Friesen JH; Funk DJ; Kumar A; Hare GM; Freedman J; David Mazer C; Hong SJ; Kim JB; Chon JY; Lee HJ; Sung CH; Moon SH; Merry AF; Miller DR; Naik VN; Brien SE; Orser BA; Hyland S; U D; Sheppard I; Wilson CR; Paolini JB; Donati F; Drolet P; Stabile M; Cooper L; Vaghadia H; Germain G; Tang R; Weiser TG; Berry WR; Wong SW; Niazi AU; Chin KJ; Chan VW.
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Articles in this special issue discuss strategies to improve safety in anesthesia, including simulation training, perioperative checklists, and practice guidelines.