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Journal Article

Interventions to reduce burnout and improve resilience: impact on a health system's outcomes.

Moffatt-Bruce SD, Nguyen MC, Steinberg B, et al. Clin Obstet Gynecol. 2019;62(3):432-443.

Burnout among health care professionals is widely understood as an organizational problem in health care. This study describes a longitudinal, institutional program to reduce burnout and improve provider wellness at an academic medical center. A longstanding crew resource management intervention led to a decreasing number of patient safety events, which the authors connect to culture change. The program also included provision of mindfulness training for trainees and faculty to promote resilience. They measured self-reported burnout at prespecified intervals and documented improvement over time. The authors conclude that the combination of team training and individual mindfulness education can reduce burnout. An Annual Perspective discussed the relationship between burnout and patient safety and reviewed interventions to address burnout among clinicians.