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Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture: 2014 User Comparative Database Report.

Sorra J; Famolaro T; Yount ND; Smith S; Burns W; Wilson S; Liu H; Liu J; Haider J; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; AHRQ.

The growing interest in patient safety in ambulatory care led to the development of the AHRQ Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture, which is designed to assess safety culture in outpatient clinics. This second comparative database report—a prior report was published in 2012—provides descriptive results and benchmarking data derived from more than 27,000 respondents (including clinical and support staff) from 935 clinics. The report identifies several areas of strength: 83% of offices reported having fully implemented electronic medical records, and respondents described high levels of teamwork as well as reliable patient tracking and test follow-up systems. However, as was also found in the 2012 report, many offices reported safety concerns relating to production pressures. The database is freely available from AHRQ for benchmarking and comparison purposes.