Special or Theme Issue

Mistakes We Make in Dialysis.

Allon M; Bargman JM; Beathard GA; Shirali AC; Daugirdas JT; Dean D; Cruz DN; Dwyer JP; Eyler R; Holley JL; Jorge Cabrera V; Brewster UC; Karakala N; Tolwani A; Kashani K; Mehta RL; Krishnan N; Peixoto AJ; Nigwekar SU; Sprague SM; Peev V; Reilly RF; Rodby RA; Perazella MA; Shaw AR; Chaijamorn W; Mueller BA; Sherman RA; Troidle L; Hansson J; Juergensen P; Finkelstein FO; Tucker B; Moledina DG; Turner JM; Upadhyay A; Jaber BL; Whittier WL.

Insufficient application of new evidence to inform treatment decisions can hinder safe care delivery. Articles in this special issue explore common renal replacement management strategies that may need to be assessed and redesigned to improve the safety of patients receiving dialysis.