Journal Article

Multicenter study to evaluate the benefits of technology-assisted workflow on i.v. room efficiency, costs, and safety.

Eckel SF; Higgins JP; Hess E; Cerbone T; Civiello JB; Conley C; Jafari N; Shah S; Speth SL; Thornton L.

Medication errors associated with compounding are well-described. As recommended by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, health care organizations are implementing technology to improve the safety and efficiency of compounding processes. In this study of eight hospitals in the United States (four with such technology and four without), researchers examined compounding medication errors, time spent on compounding workflow processes, and cost per compounded medication. They found that the hospitals with compounding technology–assisted workflow experienced a higher rate of medication errors, shorter medication preparation time, and lower costs compared to hospitals using manual compounding processes.