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The need for surgical safety checklists in neurosurgery now and in the future - a systematic review.

Westman M, Takala R, Rahi M, et al. The Need for Surgical Safety Checklists in Neurosurgery Now and in the Future-A Systematic Review. World Neurosurg. 2019. doi:10.1016/j.wneu.2019.09.140.

October 30, 2019
Westman M, Takala R, Rahi M, et al. World Neurosurg. 2019.

Checklists have been shown to improve patient safety in various surgical specialties but this systematic review found that evidence of their impact in neurosurgery is still limited given emerging technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Studies with larger neurosurgical patient populations, as well as in relation to robotic neurosurgery, are needed to understand the impact of checklists in neurosurgery.