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Special or Theme Issue

New Vistas in Patient Safety and Simulation.

Fleisher LA; Kofke WA; Nadkarni VM; Sinz EH; Nishisaki A; Keren R; Nadkarni V; Small SD; Ziv A; Rubin O; Sidi A; Berkenstadt H; Seropian M; Dillman D; Farris D; Sundar E; Sundar S; Pawlowski J; Blum R; Feinstein D; Pratt S; Hunt EA; Shilkofski NA; Stavroudis TA; Nelson KL; Dev P; Youngblood P; Heinrichs WL; Kusumoto L; Banerjee PP; Luciano CJ; Rizzi S; Patel AA; Glaiberman C: Gould DA; Rudolph JW; Simon R; Rivard P; Dufresne RL; Raemer DB; Cantrell MJ; Deloney LA

This special issue covers several topics related to the use of simulation as an educational strategy and its potential impact on patient safety.