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PSNet: Patient Safety Network
Meeting/Conference Proceedings

Patient Safety and the Invitational Conference on Contemporary Surgical Quality, Safety and Transparency.

Khuri SF; Russell TR; Jones RS; Bratzler DW; Polk HC; Bratzler D; Depalma RG; Grissom TL; Lanier WL; Loeb TM; Pugliese G; Scutchfield FD; Fry DE; Pine MB; Jordan HS; Hoaglin DC; Jones B; Meimban R; Finlayson SRG; Rogers SO; Flum DR; Hutter MM; Knapp RM; Russell TR; Seidenfeld JJ; Baker TJ; Otten T; Poggi M; Robinson C; Castaneda D; Wade P; Clarke JR; Lewis FR; Loyd G; Greenberg CC; Roth EM; Sheridan TB; Gandhi TK; Gustafson ML; Zinner MJ; Dierks MM; Richardson JD; Vallance SR; Schell RH; Robbins RE; Pine M; Goldfarb MA; Willihnganz SC; Clarke JR; Galandiuk S; Lewis JN; Manassah EE; Taylor J; Ungar L; Lewis FR; Pine M; Seidenfeld JJ; Vallance SR; Mcgreevy J.

This issue includes articles related to patient safety in the surgical environment and panel reports from a national symposium.