Journal Article

Patient safety perceptions in pediatric out-of-hospital emergency care: Children's Safety Initiative.

Guise J-M, Meckler G, O'Brien K, et al. The Journal of pediatrics. 2015;167:1143-8.e1.

Safety problems in prehospital care can lead to adverse events. In this survey study, investigators used the Delphi method to achieve consensus among emergency medical service providers about perceived challenges of caring for children. Respondents reported a need for training, support for clinical assessment and decision-making, appropriate medication and equipment, and skills and experience with caring for children. Multiple prior studies have documented the risk of adverse drug events among pediatric patients. This study suggests that the safety vulnerabilities in pediatric prehospital care are similar to those in other settings and may benefit by adapting interventions that have addressed these issues. A past AHRQ WebM&M commentary examined the complex issues around medication dosing for pediatric patients.