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The Patient Safety in Surgery Study.

Rowell KS; Turrentine FE; Hutter MM; Khuri SF; Henderson WG; Virani S; Michaelson JS; Lancaster RT; Warshaw AL; Tanabe KK; Schifftner TL; Inabnet WB 3rd, El-Tamer M; Northup CJ; Simpson VB; Neumayer L; Hanks JB; Lautz DB; Jackson TD; Clancy KA; Escareno CE; Livingston E; Rogers SO Jr; Glasgow RE; Jackson HH; Mulvihill SJ; Hall BL; Hirbe M; Yan Y; Hamilton BH; Rogers SO Jr; Kilaru RK; Hosokawa P; Zinner MJ; Davenport DL; Ferraris VA; Mentzer RM Jr; Johnson RG, Arozullah AM; Itani K; Grunwald GK; Main DS; Pratte K; Kinney A; Stoner T; Steiner JF; Fink AS; Cavender TA; Nowels CT; Wittgen CM; Mosca C
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This special issue shares the results of the AHRQ-funded Patient Safety in Surgery Study, which compared surgical outcomes at Veterans Affairs' medical centers with those in the private sector.