Special or Theme Issue

Perioperative Issues for Surgeons: Improving Patient Safety and Outcomes.

Martin RF; Napolitano LM; Joehl RJ; Hassan ZU; Fahy BG; Maggio PM; Taheri PA; Heintz KM; Hollenberg SM; Barie PS; Eachempati SR; Hedrick TL; Sawyer RG; Turina M; Christ-Crain M; Polk Jr. HC; Anaya DA; Nathens AB; Owens CD; Belkin M; Dagi TF; Williams KS; Cohen MJ; Schecter WP; Loran DB; Hyde BR; Zwischenberger JB; Desai DM; Kuo PC; DeMaria EJ; Carmody BJ; Allo MD; Tedesco M; Berguer R; Heller PJ; Gibbs VC; Reines HD; Seifert PC; Bass BL.

This issue focuses on the safety of surgical patients, with articles on topics such as preoperative patient assessment, prophylaxis strategies, intraoperative care, safety initiatives, and postoperative complications.