Journal Article

Physician characteristics, attitudes, and use of computerized order entry.

Lindenauer PK; Ling D; Pekow PS; Crawford A; Naglieri-Prescod D; Hoople N; Fitzgerald J; Benjamin EM.

The pace of implementation of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) in U.S. hospitals has remained slow, and most prior research has taken place at academic hospitals where residents place most orders. This study measured physician-specific CPOE usage at two community hospitals where both CPOE and standard written order entry were allowed and surveyed attending physicians at those hospitals about their perceptions and usage of CPOE. The study revealed that nearly one-third of physicians still hand-wrote most of their orders, even if they had prior exposure to CPOE or used computers for personal activities. The authors discuss potential strategies to encourage "low users" to embrace CPOE.