Special or Theme Issue

Positive Working Relationships Matter for Better Nurse and Patient Outcomes.

Spence Laschinger HK; Almost J; Doran DM; McGillis Hall L; Giallonardo LM; Wong CA; Iwasiw CL; Gilin Oore D; Leblanc D; Day A; Leiter MP; Price SL; Latimer M; Ferguson-Paré M; Peter E; White D; Besner J; Chisholm A; Ferris E; Fryers M; Macleod M; Mildon B; Pedersen C; Hemingway A; Havens DS; Vasey J; Gittell JH; Lin WT; Kalisch BJ; Lee H; Rochman M; Spiers JA; Yurtseven O; Cummings GG; Sharlow J; Bhatti A; Germann P; Macphee M; Wardrop A; Campbell C; O'Brien-Pallas L; Murphy GT; Shamian J; Li X; Hayes LJ; Purdy N; Finegan J; Kerr M; Olivera F; Simpson MR; Smith LM; Andrusyszyn MA; Squires M; Tourangeau A; Doran D; Cranley L; Pachis J; Wolff AC; Ratner PA; Robinson SL; Oliffe JL; Hall LM.

This special issue explores workplace relationships and their effect on nursing care.