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Quality and Safety Competencies in Nursing Education.

Jarzemsky P; Voge C; Mulready-Shick J; Kafel KW; Banister G; Mylott L; McKeon LM; Norris T; Cardell B; Britt T; Ardizzone LL; Enlow WM; Evanina EY; Schnall R; Currie L; Girdley D; Johnsen C; Kwekkeboom K; Thompson SA; Tilden VP; Preheim GJ; Armstrong GE; Barton AJ; Armstrong GE; Spencer TS; Lenburg CB; Miller CL; LaFramboise L; Currie LM; Desjardins KS; Levine ES; Stone PW; Schnall R; Li J; Bakken S; Moore SM; Ogrinc G; Batalden P; Ironside PM; Sitterding M.
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This special issue explores educational strategies and research findings for integrating quality and safety content into the nursing curriculum.