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Journal Article

Reconciling medications at admission: safe practice recommendations and implementation strategies.

Rogers G; Alper E; Brunelle D; Federico F; Fenn CA; Leape LL; Kirle L; Ridley N; Clarridge BR; Bolcic-Jankovic D; Griswold P; Hanna D; Annas CL.

Medication reconciliation is a targeted National Patient Safety Goal. This study describes the experiences of 50 Massachusetts hospitals that collaborated in an initiative to implement a medication reconciliation process. The authors provide a summary of their safe practice recommendations and share their reconciliation form and accompanying instructions for use. They discuss the role and importance of leadership support, assembling a multidisciplinary team, maintaining a narrow focus to foster rapid changes to the process, and implementing the process into everyday workflow. Overall, the authors provide a practical, step-by-step experiential guide for institutions and individuals committed to the important medication reconciliation initiative.